Scene from a Mall

Donovan McLean Sketch
While accompanying a friend shopping for a gift at the LincolnWood Town Center mall, I discovered the artist Donovan McLean hosting a live event. I loved the work on display.  He was seated at an easel working on a sketch but seemed approachable.  I circled the booth and then struck up a conversation asking about some of the pieces. The conversation progressed and I began asking him about how he got started as a full time artist. Finally comfortable to share about myself, I used my phone to show him my work and asked his advice about what to do with my 120+ canvases.  He said, “It’s good, but art is an impulse buy. If you want to sell, then find an art show and setup a booth.”  The conversation ended when my friend returned from a nearby store ready to go and find some lunch.  Donovan presented me with the sketch he had been working on.  It was a picture me and my friend with his contact info on the back (above image). I thanked him repeatedly for the piece and the advice.  As we walked away studying his depiction, my friend said, “See, you are good. It’s possible.”  I nodded and smiled at her.



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